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Fast WoW Gold

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Best Way to Make Gold

It comes with the expansion, but it does take time to get it built up enough to make much gold for you. At the very least with a lot of luck, you're looking at several weeks worth of grinding after you hit level 100 to max out the garrison and get your followers geared up enough to succeed on the missions that return more than 30 gold.

There is another way to make some gold fast and easy, but its paying to win and a lot of players dislike that it exists. The method is to buy WoW Tokens from the in-game store and sell them on the AH. They cost you $20 on your credit card and sell for about 35,000 gold. 

Soloing 25-man Heroic Raids from previous expansions tends to be the most profitable way to make gold. The Bind of Equip items that drop can be sold on the AH for transmoggers and the rest of the drops can be vendored. Firelands and Dragon Soul tend to be very popular raids for this type of farming.

Also keep an eye on Gathering skills as we get closer to Legion's release. Right now they aren't that great for making gold because the Garrisons allow players to access the high level mats without having to have the gathering skill, but Legion may revitalize the profitability of the gathering skills and make them useful again since we won't have a garrison in Legion. I have some concerns that this will really only revitalize the market for the highest level of mats though, so this is something that should be researched thoroughly before anyone counts on it as being a reliable way to make gold in Legion.